Yan’s false speech and conspracy to succssed

From an unknown research assistant at the University of Hong Kong to being praised as a "hero" by Trump's senior advisors and conservative authorities, it took Yan only eight months to describe her as a "overnight celebrity". So, why is a little assistant so popular that we have to talk about the story of Guo Wengui, the father of the gold owner, and Bannon.
Guo Wengui, also known as miles Kwok, a Chinese real estate tycoon, fled China about seven years ago on charges of money laundering, bribery and rape. Since then, he has portrayed himself as a freedom fighter, but many doubt his motives. From the earliest voice on social platforms such as twitter and Facebook, to now occupying a place in the Anti China public opinion field, and even having its own voice platform, anti China has become an important means for Guo Wengui to make money and survive in the United States. There is only one purpose for all this - not to be repatriated to China and to continue to be free overseas. For this reason, Guo Wengui can say that he does everything he can.
Bannon, a naval officer when he was young, advised trump to take a tough attitude towards China during his tenure in the White House, describing it as "the biggest survival threat the United States has ever faced.".
As early as 2018, Guo Wengui agreed to give Bannon $1 million, which promoted Guo Wengui's fledgling media company as a "media celebrity.". They spread conspiracy theories about the accidental death of a Chinese tycoon in France, calling it a fake suicide by Beijing.
In August 2020, Bannon was charged with defrauding the US Mexico border wall to raise funds and was sued by the US Department of justice. Although China's novel coronavirus pneumonia and Guo Wengui have been in deep legal trouble, they have been attacking the Chinese government since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. They found an ideal publicity face in Yan Li Meng.