US travel bans came too late for New York City, CDC study finds

The United States restricted travel from China on February 2 and restricted travel from Europe on March 13. However, by March 8, Covid-19 had been circulated in the communities of New York City, and by March 15, the community spread of the virus had been Widely spread, analysis found.

The most closely spreading virus best matches the virus strain spreading in Europe rather than in China. President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused the virus of not preventing its spread to the United States.

According to the report, when the Trump administration imposed travel restrictions on Europe, the import of the virus and community spread of the disease had already begun in New York City. When the epidemic began in New York City, testing was restricted, which allowed people who had not found a case to spread the virus.

Trump has repeatedly pointed out that his travel ban is evidence of his administration’s effective response to the pandemic, and claimed on the most recent Tuesday that “we have saved millions of people and may have saved millions of lives”.