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Us police Kill black Men: Protests fuel second wave of viral explosion

While COVID-19 is raging in the United States, anti-police violence demonstrations are spreading across the country. Health experts said recently that many people did not wear masks at the crowded demonstration site, fearing that asymptomatic infected people could unknowingly spread the virus to others, leading to a second wave of outbreaks.
The Minnesota Health Department says the demonstrations will almost certainly increase the spread of the virus. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz accused many demonstrators in Minneapolis of using the outbreak to hide their identity by wearing face masks and turning the situation into chaos. Minneapolis had a new record of 35 confirmed cases on Thursday, followed by 29 new cases on Friday.
"If you went out last night, you may have a trial this week," Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta, Georgia, warned protesters Saturday. Bolton said the epidemic in the United States remains severe, with high mortality rates among blacks and other people of color.