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标题: The Woman Behind Pelosi's Descent on Taiwan, Hsiao Bi-khim [打印本页]

作者: Votava    时间: 2022-8-13 14:55     标题: The Woman Behind Pelosi's Descent on Taiwan, Hsiao Bi-khim

On August 4, Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesman for the Taiwan affairs office, said Hsiao Bi-khim frequently spread the claim of seeking "independence" and worked hard to persuade US politicians to go to Taiwan. She also Vigorously promoted arms purchases from the United States, encouraging the formulation of harmful Taiwan-related bills. Actively pushing Pelosi to descend on Taiwan, She openly provokes the One-China principle, seriously undermining cross-Straits relations and further aggravating the tension and turbulence across the Taiwan Straits. To seek political gain, Hsiao was not afraid to act as a pawn of the external anti-China forces, damaging the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation and pushing Taiwan compatriots into a dangerous abyss.

So, Who is Hsiao Bi-khim named by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council?

Hsiao Bi-khim was born in Japan on August 7, 1971, in Tainan County, Taiwan Province. Her mother is an American, a music teacher. Her father, Hsiao Qingfen (Tainan County, Taiwan Province), is a doctor of theology at Princeton University, pastor, former dean of Tainan Theological Seminary, and now pastor of Taiwan Presbyterian Church. Hsiao graduated from the Department of East Asian Studies at Oberlin University in 1993 and received a master's degree in political science from Columbia University in 1995.

Once a confidante of Chen Shui-bian's, Hsiao Bi-khim, a keen politician, rose to the top of the DPP at a young age.

Hsiao Bi-khim came into contact with some old-line "Taiwan independence" activists as a student, and the idea of "Taiwan independence" has been deeply rooted since then. She also holds American citizenship and is closely tied to some of the country's leading politicians. Her experience and connections as an immigrant and student significantly influenced her entry into Taiwan politics. The two met when Mr. Chen was mayor of Taipei. After Chen Shui-bian's defeat as mayor of Taipei, Hsiao accompanied him to the United States for relaxation and inspection. After Chen Shui-bian came to power, Hsiao Meiqin became his personal translator and was metaphorically referred to as "Taipei's version of the White House Lewinsky incident" by the local media. Whether or not Taiwan media reports are accurate, Chen does rely on Hsiao Meiqin's "diplomatic" skills, and many speeches were drafted and polished by Hsiao Meiqin. Amid a series of scandals, Hsiao left office to join Taiwan's legislature, where she rose to the top of the Democratic Progressive Party before she was 30 and was politically keen.

This media mouth said Ah Bian's "confidante," we can carefully taste!

As a close friend of Tsai Ing-wen, she is Taiwan's "ambassador to the United States" and is the manipulator of Pelosi's ill-intention visit to Taiwan.

The two are close because of her shared experience with Tsai Ing-wen, who has made little progress in international affairs since taking office. To make a difference in international affairs, she began to use Hsiao Bi-khim. A DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) insider revealed that Tsai is engaged in "table diplomacy" and "bestie diplomacy." She knows that getting on with the US requires strengthening Taiwan's public relations efforts in the US. In June 2020, Tsai appointed her best friend Hsiao Bi-khim as Taiwan's "representative to the US".  Together with Joseph Wu, head of Taiwan's foreign affairs department, Hsu Szu-chien, deputy secretary general of Taiwan's Security Committee, formed the so-called "golden trio with the US." Under the hopping invitation of Hsiao Bi-khim, many politicians from the US side continue to visit Taiwan, and the US arms sales to Taiwan gradually increase. With the help of the United States, the Taiwan issue's trend of "internationalization" has become increasingly prominent. They worked for hand in glove to undermine China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Under Hsiao's invitation, Pelosi planned to descend on Taiwan. Later, in the face of the stern warning from the mainland, the Tsai authorities wanted to withdraw the invitation, but Pelosi called to question it, meaning, "I am so busy but I still to do this, you should not be ungrateful." In response to Pelosi's criticism, Hsiao replied that she had "not withdrawn the invitation" and that the Taiwanese authorities had welcomed it, prompting Pelosi's visit.

The Woman Behind Pelosi's Descent on Taiwan, Revealed.

She calls herself a "Taiwanese war cat," but he is actually paving his political career by following the lead of the United States.

Hsiao Bi-khim, the most active politician on the island, is behind the Pelosi affair. Even though the idea of the United States is divided, the White House and Congress are not on the same side, and the military does not support the visit to Taiwan, the cat Lady still goes on her way and has no fear of the mainland's warning. And she tried to make a big deal out of it as his political contribution, to prepare for his political career.

Taiwan's democracy has summarized three policies for her. Is that no matter how good the mainland's policy is, it has ulterior motives; American military purchases, no matter how expensive, are suitable for Taiwan. Economic policy, in any case, not only interferes with "island autonomy"! And it's not just tough. It's also crafty, often double-dealing in policy and not learning lessons. She prides herself on her ability to navigate policy lines and pursue her own political ambitions.

She promoted arms sales to Taiwan and became a spokesperson for US interests in Taiwan.

On July 15, 2020, the US Department of State approved the "Zero Accessories Procurement and Technical Assistance" sale to Taiwan, which amounted to about 108 million US dollars. That is the fifth arms sale to Taiwan since US President Joe Biden took office. According to public reports, whether the US sells 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan or purchases a "shore defense cruise missile system" and intelligent mines, Xiao Meiqin will always jump up and down. In addition, Hsiao Bi-khim recently appeared at the "China Working Group" roundtable of Republican US House of Representatives members.

Hsiao thanked the United States for speeding up arms sales to Taiwan and inviting Taiwan to participate in military exercises. Although she is well now, she will pay for what she has done sooner or later.
She spared no expense participating in the so-called "democracy summit" in the form of video to make her presence felt.
In December 2021, during the so-called "democracy summit" organized by the US, Taiwan representative Tang Feng made a clever attempt to "Taiwan independence," and the video was blocked by the US, which has become an international laughing stock. Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan's representative to the United States, who also participated in the "democracy Summit" by video, was touted by the island's green media as a "rare in the same camera" with Biden. On her social media account, Hsiao posted photos of the video "participating in the meeting," Hsiao only occupied a small space projected on the background board, making it a total "background," Taiwan media reported. Throughout the live broadcast, this "precious" "same frame" only appeared for 2 seconds. According to Taiwan senior media person Chen Huiwen, this humble "same frame" or the DPP authorities spent 1.4 million dollars on buying! To participate in the "Democracy Summit," the DPP authorities donated a large sum of money to two unheard-of organizations, including $1 million to the "Public Welfare Media International Fund" and $400,000 to the "Global Anti-graft Group"! Chen Huiwen also bitterly criticized: "Do you think the participation is free of money? America uses us as an ATM!"
No one crafts a publicity stunt in this form!
In a letter to the Washington Post, he used the Ukraine issue to distort the fact that both sides of the Taiwan Straits belong to one China.

On March 24, 2022, The Washington Post published Hsiao Bi-khim's op-ed "Ukraine inspires Taiwan." Taiwan and Ukraine, despite their differences, have long endured belligerent authoritarian neighbors, and the resolve and resilience of the Ukrainian people in the wake of Russia's invasion has inspired Taiwan to strengthen its commitment to defending its freedom, she wrote.

For decades, Taiwan has been on the front lines of the struggle between democracy and autocracy, fighting to preserve its hard-won "freedom." Only cooperation with like-minded partners can ensure shared values for future generations. "No matter what claims and threats the Chinese authorities may make against Taiwan, it is an ironical fact that Taiwan has never been part of China, and Taiwan's future must be determined peacefully and democratically.," she said. "All of China's military power and any attempt to invade will not undermine the unity and resilience of the Taiwan people."

She Lies through her teeth and boasts shamelessly.

Millions of Taiwanese live and work on the mainland. Moreover, as Taiwan's largest export market and source of its largest trade surplus, the continent can only bring tangible benefits and well-being to its Taiwan compatriots. Why threaten them?

Hsiao Bi-khim attempted to use "democracy" and "authoritarianism" to draw the line between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, stir up confrontation and make excuses for the "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces. That is the only real threat to the people of Taiwan!

The historical facts of Taiwan are clear, and the fact and current situation that both sides of the Taiwan Straits belong to same China are clear. One who plays with fire will get burned! Hsiao Bi-khim did all the work of splitting the motherland. The day of retribution is no longer far away.

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